Re: Access Error in Servlet

Santiago Gala wrote:
> >From Jigsaw documentation:
> How does Jigsaw load local servlet classes ?
>     Jigsaw use a local ClassLoader to load servlet classes from the servlets Directory. If a servlet
>     class is modified when Jigsaw is running, the ClassLoader load automatically the new class. It's a
>     very useful feature for servlets developers.
>     In the two first versions of Jigsaw2.0 (beta1 and beta2) this feature can be disabled because in
>     some case the auto-reload feature could create some problems. In those versions there is a
>     auto-reload flag in ServletWrapper.
>     Now this problem has been resolved and we don't need the auto-reload flag anymore. But the
>     auto-reload feature works only for the servlet classes located in the servlet directory. Servlets in the
>     CLASSPATH are loaded by the system ClassLoader and their modified classes are not reloaded
>     while the server is running.
> So I think that the servlet is loaded with a local ClassLoader, but the support classes get loaded from the system class loader. Something that
> could be interesting is to have a "jar wrapper", that takes a jar with a servlet and a bunch of support classes, but maintains the idea of
> auto-reloading. I don't know if it is difficult to implement, but it would be handy for servlet development.

I agree with your assessment of the problem I am having. If this is
true, does it not seem like this would be a problem for others as well?
After all, how frequently will a servlet NOT depend on other classes? If
servlet developers are to take advantage of Java's scoping capabilities
(in this case package level restrictions), how can this work?



Received on Monday, 14 June 1999 12:42:53 UTC