Re: Servlet Questions

Benoit Mahe wrote:
> The servletwrapper is not an alias, it's the way Jigsaw handle servlets.
> So yes, all servlets must be referenced via a ServletWrapper. But,
> you can call a servlet with is full classname.
> For example, it the servlet com.foobar.servlets.TestServlet is in your CLASSPATH
> or under a ServletDirectory, you reach it at
> http://hostname:port/servlet/com.foobar.servlets.TestServlet
> A ServletWrapper, ("com.foobar.servlets.TestServlet"), will be
> created by the ServletIndexer.

I have tried to call a servlet using it's full classname as indicated
above. I get the following displayed in my browser:

Invalid URL

that you requested is not available on that server

The servlet's class file is located on the classpath passed to java
using the -cp option when jigsaw is run. It is NOT located under
jigsaw's servlet directory.

Has anyone been able to execute servlets in this fashion?



Received on Monday, 14 June 1999 12:42:12 UTC