Ambiguous Classes - Thanks for fix to CVS repos - a couple of sug gestions


First of all, thanks for whoever updated the CVS repository.  Before I
had done an anonymous checkout of the jigsaw code and tried to 
compile it - it bombed (see my ambiguous classes note from May 27).
Just for grins I rechecked it out today and newest version compiled.

It might be useful to list the jars that Jigsaw depends upon - although it
just be I missed it in the docs!

I see no make install - How does the jigsaw team typically get from their
compilation directory (make) that produces the classes themselves to the
final installation directory put on the web site as a compressed file?  The
distribution has lots of goodies in it missing in the CVS code that is
checked-out - config files, etc.  Or when making a new tarball for
do you use a snapshot of some directory you've got sitting around?

Dan Hansen

Received on Tuesday, 8 June 1999 03:20:21 UTC