Re: proxy + servlets?

Thanks for responding, Yves.

I'm still trying to get servlets + proxying. 

I thought I had mine configured like you mentioned yours is:
(ie: ServletDirectoryFrame as the protocol frame of the container, then
the servlet must be a ServletWrapper).

What is the "container" corresponding to your ServletDirectoryFrame?
Mine is the DirectoryResource "servlet"

How is it related to the root directory container? mine is a resource
added while the "Root" DirectoryResource was highlighted.

Here is how mine is configured.
JigAdmin-->http-server-->Docs space:

Root              (DirectoryResource)-->HTTPFrame
  servlet         (DirectoryResource)-->ServletDirectoryFrame
    HelloWorld.class (my servlet shows up after reindexing wrapped)
  Icons           (DirectoryResource)-->HTTPFrame
    Overview.html (FileResource)-->HTTPFrame
    RelNotes.html (FileResource)-->HTTPFrame
  icons           (DirectoryResource)-->HTTPFrame
  proxy           (FramedResource)-->ProxyFrame
  root            (DirectoryResource)-->HTTPFrame

Properties-->general-->Root Name:
  if set to proxy: no servlets work but proxying works
  if set to root:  servlets work but no proxying works

Please be more explicit on your working configuration.


Received on Monday, 7 June 1999 15:57:38 UTC