Re: how do we build custom realms

On Fri, 21 May 1999, Zahid Ahmed wrote:

> A couple of question about realm support in
> Jigsaw.
> 1. Is there a recommended way to do HTTP Basic 
> Authentication scheme to do 1) password lookups
> via LDAP? 2) password verificatoion via LDAP?
> 2. W.r.t. #1, how can we build a custom realm that can 
> extend the authrealm and be configured programmatically
> in the httpd during initialization? I want to configure
> the custom realm via a different admin api than provided
> by Jigsaw Admin. Looking at the realm and auth filter
> apis, it seems that this is possible since all the
> auth filter returns is a true/false or an ProtocolException
> for authenticate().

With the latest developpement versions (see the cvs tree directly for the
sources), a new way of doing authentication is to use the new acl API.
See org.w3c.jigsaw.acl package taken from the cvs server.
AclRealm should be the entry point for your need.
More to come for the documentation on the setup of this.

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