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Server Stops Responding and Extension-based forwarding/mirroring/proxy(?)

From: Bret Holstein <bret@grizzlys.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 07:00:46 -0400 (EDT)
To: <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
I'm new to Jigsaw but fully intend to replace my Apache/Jserv if it proves
up to the task.  So far I've been trying to work out some environmental
things that are unique to my setup.  In the process I ran across a problem
and a question.

It seems that, when I put Jigsaw into production for testing and load it
down using a crude method through www.websitegarage.com, the server will not
recover and stops responding to all requests.  I do have several virtual
servers configured but am only directing this against one page and the
related links.  How do I get to the bottom of this?  If you try to access
any site on Jigsaw after this the connection will be made but then
eventually time out.  I'm open to suggestions. (233 MHz Pentium, 128 M)

Now for the question...I started using Cold Fusion early on and still have
some apps that I haven't migrated.  The way I handled this in Apache was
through mod_rewrite where all files requested with the extension '.cfm' were
proxied (without redirect) to an NT machine behind the main server.  Some of
the URLS had to be rewritten too.  I thought of using FORWARD or MIRROR
frames to do this but haven't quite got it straight in my head how I would
set up the extension so that it would be able to do this.  I also considered
a proxy servlet but haven't had enough experience there yet.  Could someone
fill me in on some background as to how FORWARD or MIRROR might be used with
an extension and/or how a proxy servlet might look that would do this for

Thanks!  I'm looking forward to making the switch!

Bret Holstein
Received on Friday, 23 July 1999 07:34:21 UTC

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