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"S.Ramaswamy" writes:

> I apologize for the scant information provided. I do not have access to the
> machine with Jigsaw in the next two three days. Hence I cannot give the trace
> information you asked for. However I can give information on the steps I have
> taken.
> 1. I have developed a servlet "matrix.tenza.servlet.MxLogin.class" which I wa
> nt
> to use.
> 2. I create directory /Jigsaw/Jigsaw/WWW/servlets
> 3. I start Jigsaw
> 4. I start Jigadm
> 5. I open up root and upto Space Node. servlets Node appears
> 6. I click on "servlets" resource.
> 7. I select  <Frames> Tab  on the right panel
> 8. I specify "org.w3c.jigsaw.servlets.ServletDirectoryFrame" in the class
> field.
> 9. I click on <Add Frame> button

 Did you remove the HTTPFrame? you should do that.

> 9. I select <Resources>  Tab
> 10. I specify the name as MxLogin
> 11. I specify the class as "org.w3c.jigsaw.servlets.ServletWrapper"
> 12. I click on <Add Resource> button
> 13. I open up servlets node on the left panel. MxLogin resource appears
> 14. I select "MxLogin" resource.
> 15. I select <Properties> Tab of MxLogin resource on the right Panel
> 16. I specify the servlet-class as "matrix.tenza.servlet.MxLogin" ( I want to
> use the Classpath for servlet loading. This is present in ClassPath)
> 17. I set the Auto-Reload to Off
> 18. I click on "Commit" button
> 19. I get a dialog button "Remote Access Exception"
> P.S.
> I have tried "matrix.tenza.servlet.MxLogin.class" with the same results.
> However, if I delete the complete entry in servlet-class text field and set
> Auto-Reload to ON. The Commit works.. Now again I select <Properties> TAB for
> MxLogin. The servlet-class appears as "matrix.tenza.servlet.MxLogin". I set
> "Auto-Reload" to Off and select <Commit> button. the servlet is accepted. Thi
> s
> happens sometimes, not always

 Do you mean that your servlet is running now? 
 I don't know what's happen, without the trace It's very hard to know.

 Regards, Benoit.

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