Re: Jigsaw & partial content HTTP requests

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Shaffer, Scott wrote:

> I have recently seen a problem where Jigsaw (2.0beta1) would not return the
> partial content requests as expected by IE.
> The scenario went like this.  I am serving JAR files up to load some applets
> to Internet Explorer 4.0.  The first time he comes in, he loads down the JAR
> files and everything works fine.  However, the next time he goes to the
> page, he discovers the JARs are in his cache and instead of downloading
> them, downloads just a partial content of the JAR.   It looks like just the
> catalog/index, but I can't be sure - basically he asks for just the last few
> bytes of the file.  
> Anyway, while jigsaw appears to serve this up correctly (as best I can tell
> by sniffing the packets) IE doesn't like it.  Since he can't download the
> JAR, he then asks for the class file (which of course isn't on the server)
> and thus ends up not loading the applet.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure what
> IE doesn't like about the partial content. 

Well, it is served, but not correctly as one extra byte is sent. This has
been corrected a few days ago, along with the request for bad ranges which
generates now a "Requested range not satisfiable".
I don't post the changes right now as the new release will be out soon
with all those fixes.
If you really want it, I can email it to you.

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