Jigsaw & partial content HTTP requests

I have recently seen a problem where Jigsaw (2.0beta1) would not return the
partial content requests as expected by IE.

The scenario went like this.  I am serving JAR files up to load some applets
to Internet Explorer 4.0.  The first time he comes in, he loads down the JAR
files and everything works fine.  However, the next time he goes to the
page, he discovers the JARs are in his cache and instead of downloading
them, downloads just a partial content of the JAR.   It looks like just the
catalog/index, but I can't be sure - basically he asks for just the last few
bytes of the file.  

Anyway, while jigsaw appears to serve this up correctly (as best I can tell
by sniffing the packets) IE doesn't like it.  Since he can't download the
JAR, he then asks for the class file (which of course isn't on the server)
and thus ends up not loading the applet.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure what
IE doesn't like about the partial content. 

OK, now I'd be willing to chalk this up to and IE bug, however JAR files
certainly download properly from IIS (and presumably others, although I
haven't tried) web servers with no issue.

Has anybody seen this?  Known issue perhaps?  Is there a fix?

Compaq Computer Corp.

Received on Thursday, 2 July 1998 12:13:28 UTC