Re: Change Overview.html to index.html

 Actually, you have to modify the indexer like you said, and then 
 reindex the directoryResource you want (that will reindex their 
 children too).



Somchai LIMSIRORATANA writes:

> Dear All,
> 	I try to change jigsaw configuration to use file "index.html" for the d
> irec
> tory path.
> But, I don't know, how to set it. 
> 	First, I try to change the indexer/default/directory/*default*/HTTPFram
> e to
>  use index.html but it does not work.
> 	Then, I try to change the space/root/HTTPFrame to use index.html. It wo
> rk o
> nly first page of website.
> 	I don't think, I must change every directory resource. It is a hard wor
> k to
>  move my old website data to use with jigsaw.
> 	Please help me.
> Thank you,
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