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Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997 19:36:20 -0800
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I have a Lube Sizer machine that I would like to sell for $1000.00.  It
is 120 vac with a 3/4 HP motor.  Air pressure lube chamber takes 2" x 6"
lube sticks.  Heater temperature accurate to 1/2 degree F.  Takes Star
dies.  It has adjustable lube pump to change the volume for large or
small grease crooves.  Has several punches, drop tubes and transfer bars
to do all pistol calibers and some rifle caliber.  All moving parts are
heat treated steel.  I used this to load 30 Caliber Carbine bullets for
my 30 cal machine gun several years ago.  Loaded some piston bullets

I am a machinest and built this lube sizer.  I owned a Magma machine and
a Western Manufacturing machine once.  Both of those machine were fine
but gave me some problems. I work in a factory and expect machines to
run 24 hours a day not stop with no break downs and no problems and
wanted a luber sizer to do the same thats why I built my own. All of the
parts are over the counter stock items available at any industrial
supply company in every State in the U.S.  Total weight of the machine
is 125 lbs.  It runs about 4000 bullets an hour and the speed can be

If your interested let me know.  I can scan and send you a photo by


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