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Extensions again

From: Christoph Begall <begall@nads.de>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 16:22:52 +0100
Message-ID: <3471B2CC.77743FF4@nads.de>
To: Jigsaw mailing list <www-jigsaw@w3.org>

I'm sorry, but there seems to be a problem with indexer/extensions
in jigsaw beta1:
First I made a new indexer, because I wanted a special directory,
named special, where I put my Indexer (named specialInd) as indexer,
where all directories had the class MyDirectory and html was mapped
to SSIResource. The directory thing went fine, but the extension
was not recognized. So I used a new name for it (jHtml) and renamed
all my files. But they were not found by the server.
So I made one last attempt, because something could have gone wrong
with my MyDirectory: I put my jHtml extension to default-indexer
extensions. But even when I put the physical files in a totally new
directory, nothing happens.
Actually I don't know where to start.

Received on Tuesday, 18 November 1997 10:24:55 UTC

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