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Re: Jigsaw and Jeeves

From: Remy AMOUROUX <Remy.Amouroux@imag.fr>
Date: 15 Apr 1997 19:58:05 +0200
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Message-ID: <yxaclo6kb236.fsf@dyade.inrialpes.fr>
>>>>> "BM" == Brian Millett <bpm@techapp.com> writes:
>>>>> "BW" == Bill Woods <bwoods@ccsmtp.memc.com> writes:

BW>      I don't know if this has been asked before but how would you
BW> compare Jigsaw and Jeeves (Suns Java based web server)?
BW>      Also could you tell me where I can download a complete file
BW> of documentation of Jigsaw ?

I believed that a big bunch of documentation is given with the jigsaw
release ?!!? Under the WWW directory, there is a link to that
documentation in the index.html file at the root of your server when
you launch jigsaw for the first time.

BM> Well, let me tell you of a conversation I had at the Java ONE
BM> conference.  I attended the session on "Programming the Java
BM> Servlet API"

I was at the javaone conference too and I was a witness of the
question and the somewhat tense answer.

In summary :
- HTTP 1.1 not supported
- multipart mime messages is not supported

What I can say :
- the Java Web Server uses the common services from the Java Server
toolkit : that toolkit will become a commercial product. So what about
the free/not free status of the java web server ?
- to manage the servlets (then the services) of your server, an applet
provided by the servlet plays the interface role (a lot nicer than the
present administration interface in Jigsaw) BUT jigsaw proposing a
simple way to manage the parameters of the ressources, it's a lot more
easier to program a jigsaw resource!

I discussed with Anselm about the differences between Jigsaw resources
and Servlets during the WebConf last week. There is also a big
difference : persistence of the administration parameters (there is
maybe other things related to persistence in Jigsaw that I'm not

I hope Amselm can give some hints about what he wants to do in the
next months.

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