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Error messages - What do they mean?

From: Alexandre Rafalovitch <alex@access.com.au>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 19:13:11 +1000
Message-Id: <v02140b00adead07add16@[]>
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org

While exploring Jigsaw, I receive a fare number of error messages. I cannot
seem to connect them to anything I do on a client and I am very interested
to know what situation would cause such error messages to appear. If
anybody knows under which circumstances following errors arise, please

<c0;client0>: caught ClientException: [w3c.jigsaw.http.ClientException] Bad
file number

<c0;client0>: caught ClientException: [w3c.jigsaw.http.ClientException]
Broken pipe
<c0;client0>: caught ClientException: [w3c.jigsaw.http.ClientException]
Client output stream closed.
<c0;client0>: caught ClientException: [w3c.jigsaw.http.ClientException]
Couldn't parse the request: expecting  (32) got (-1)

<c0;client0>: caught ClientException: [w3c.jigsaw.http.ClientException]
IOError while parsing request: Resource temporarily unavailable

<c0;client0>: caught exception [java.lang.NullPointerException] null

I am especially interested in causes for underlined errors (expecting bla..
and Resource unavailable) because I have them very often. They take at
least 80% of errlog.

Thank you,

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