Activity streams review comment status

During this week's i18n telecon, i'd like to see whether we can agree to 
close the following comments:

• Clarify that zone offsets in times do not indicate local time #331

• Internationalize IRI in example 3

• Use BCP 47 rather than RFC 5646

• RFC 5646 listed as informative reference

• Linking to RFC 3339 for duration is dubious

• i18n-ISSUE-387: AS2.0: Section 3.2: language example issues

We should also discuss the following comments:

• **Map fields become a SHOULD

• Why exclude markup from name?

• It should be possible to indicate the default base direction for 
natural language values

• How to know the language of a natural language value when there is no 

There's one more issue, for which i'm awaiting further action:

• Editorial: Suggestion for spanish translations


Received on Wednesday, 13 July 2016 06:24:19 UTC