Ruby article updates

For some time i've been wanting to update the information on the i18n 
site about ruby annotations.  I have now begun that by posting to github 
a proposed update to

This is the first in a set of articles i'm planning. It describes what 
ruby is, and i intend it to replace

Of course, please raise a github issues if you have any comments on the 
initial draft (use the link at the bottom right of the article page).

The material that is currently at is very old and 
XHTML-centric.  On github, i have moved it to and put a 
banner at the top to say that it is for historical reference only. I 
propose to do the same under /International.

I plan to create two new articles, in a similar vein to the one on 
vertical text, that describes (1) how to use markup, and (2) how to use 
CSS to create ruby text. For both articles i'll try to reflect what 
currently works and what doesn't.


Received on Monday, 1 February 2016 11:16:44 UTC