i18n-drafts github issue: Feedback on questions/qa-date-format - Promoting YYYY-0MM-DD #5

FYI, i have set up a github repository to hold drafts of i18n Activity 
articles at https://github.com/w3c/i18n-drafts/

In addition, the feedback links on the article pages have been changed 
to point to the issues list of that repository (which will hopefully fix 
a number of ongoing problems we experienced with the previous setup).

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Here's the original text of the comment:

"YYYY-0MM-DD format would present a date in a way that most could 
clearly interpret in their country. Using the four digit year, three 
digit month (zero-filled) and a two digit day has many benefits. That 
way 1973-004-03 , 004-03-1973 and 03-004-1973 are clearly April 3, 1973 
and not March 4, 1973 - in most cultures. This would avoid frustrations 
and reprocessing time to correct mistakes. More importantly in 
international research, development, medical records and other business 
that cross international boundaries; critical errors and 
misunderstandings would be reduced. Thoughts?"

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