[Bug 28661] U+2212 in shift_jis encoder


--- Comment #29 from Jungshik Shin <jshin@chromium.org> ---
(In reply to Anne from comment #28)
> Kent, I copied your name in kanji from the HTML Standard. Please let me know
> if you wish that to be changed in some manner. The way you appear in the
> acknowledgments is up to you.
> Also, thank you for your report. I used comment 3 to fix this in the
> simplest way possible. Initially I wanted to just emit the literal bytes,
> but actually changing the input code point was easier for iso-2022-jp.
> https://github.com/whatwg/encoding/commit/
> a7ab97e891773bd7a564b463c6a1cc31196a5bdd

This commit is erroneous. This bug is about U+2212 but the commit has U+2022. 
I filed https://github.com/whatwg/encoding/issues/21 on that.

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