Re: [css-text-decor] Default UA stylesheet for emphasis marks

On 11/24/2015 12:28 AM, Xidorn Quan wrote:
> There is currently only one language-specific style rule in the
> default UA stylesheet for emphasis marks:
>> :root:lang(zh), [lang|=zh] {
>> /* default emphasis mark position is 'under right' for Chinese */
>>    text-emphasis-position: under right;
>> }
> I think we should have another one at least for ja, otherwise Japanese
> text embeded inside Chinese text would have undesired result.
> Probably something like:
>> :root:lang(ja), [lang|=ja] {
>> /* default emphasis mark position is 'over right' for Japanese */
>>    text-emphasis-position: over right;
>> }

I think this makes sense, though I'd like to double-check with i18n
if indeed embedded text should swap sides on the emphasis marks.
(It probably does; I know underlines do, when swapping Japanese to
English within a paragraph.) I can add it to the spec for now, though,
and update if we hear back otherwise.

I think the full set of rules should be

   :root:lang(zh), [lang|=zh] { text-emphasis-position: under right; }
   [lang|=ja]                 { text-emphasis-position: over right; }

Does that seem right? [Given 'over right' is the initial value, the
:root selector is not necessary for Japanese.]

I'm also curious, do we need a similar rule for Korean?


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