Re: CR Feedback: String counting and offsets

Hello Sebastian,

There is already quite a bit about character counting/string length at But it just gives some 

The Encoding CR (not a Recommendation yet) deals with encoding 
conversions, not with what you do once you have a single internal encoding.

Regards,   Martin.

On 2015/10/20 19:02, Sebastian Hellmann wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am new, so sorry, if I  reraise a topic.
> I was wondering, whether  the Encoding Recommendation would be the right
> place to tackle a string counting issue. Lot's of programming languages
> and specifications have quite different implementations regarding string
> counting. I am sure you are aware of this. A particular example is this
> spec in Section 2.1.2:
> which specifies to count two code point as one, or PHP with
> |strlen(utf8_decode("ä")) != ||strlen("ä")|
> Could we include some definitions in the standard on how strings are
> counted and define a way to have offsets over these strings?
> Suggestion 1 (easy change): In the terminology section:
> A string is a sequence of code points.
> The /length/ of a string equals the number of contained code points.
> Suggestion 2 :
> Define offsets similar to this image:
> e.g. start with 0 and then count the gaps.
> I would have high hopes that some implementers would pick it up
> eventually. Such a definition would help immensely in the area of text
> annotation and might also be an issue for the Web Annotation Group.
> All the best,
> Sebastian

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