Locale-based forms in HTML pages

Recently, a Blink intent to implement was published. It proposes that in 
HTML the form control UI should respect lang attribute values, instead 
of the browser UI locale. This feature will be applied to submit, reset, 
number, date, datetime-local, month, time, week input types, and so on. 
  It would involve both:

a. production of translated text for controls, such as 'Submit' on buttons

b. automatic presentation of data formats, such as date, time, numbers, 
etc, per locale information relevant to the content of the page.

The i18n WG is using a wiki page to capture and consolidate thinking on 
any issues associated with this. On the face of it seems like a good 
idea, however, there is a concern that there may be some security and 
usability issues. We would like to explore this and capture anything 
that needs to be addressed.

An initial draft of the page can be found at:


Received on Wednesday, 15 October 2014 17:28:08 UTC