RE: [Encoding] false statement [I18N-ACTION-328][I18N-ISSUE-374]

On 29/08/2014 4:10 AM, "John C Klensin" <> wrote:

> The one solace here and the one I hope all involved can agree on
> (or have already) is that, with the exception of writing systems
> whose scripts have not yet been encoded in Unicode, everyone
> ought to be moving away from historical encodings and toward
> UTF-8 as soon as possible.  That is the real solution to the
> problem of different definitions and the issues they can cause:
> just move forward to Standard UTF-8 to get away from them and
> consider the present mess as added incentive.

Unfortunately, that ship has already sailed. UTF-8 already suffers from the
same problem. The term some of us use for it is pseudo-Unicode.

For some languages, a sizeable amount of content is in this category.

To add to the problem some handset (mobile/cell phone) and tablet
manufacturers have baked in pseudo-Unicode for specific languages.

As the expression goes, that ship has already sailed.


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