Re: [css-text] I18N-ISSUE-316: Line breaking defaults

On 07/25/2014 07:22 PM, Richard Ishida wrote:
> On 25/05/2014 06:28, Koji Ishii wrote:
>> I’m very happy to hear feedback where existing implementations do differently from UAX#14, so that we could examine each
>> issue and decide whether or how to fix them.
> That information is available as follows:
> For general characters:
> Line break, BA: Break after characters
> (good support on the whole, but some categories not or half-heartedly supported by Firefox and IE - seems like just a question
> of adding them to a list somewhere)
> [...]
> Hope that helps,

Very nice summary, yes. :)

One of the main problems is actually the handling of various punctuation like
slashes. A lot of these breaks need some amount of prioritization in order to
work correctly. See, for example, this bug:

We do normatively require the behavior defined for the following categories:
   BK, CR, LF, CM, NL, SG, WJ, ZW, GL, CJ

I think I'd be OK to include the restrictions for opening and closing
punctuation... however, since there are very real problems with simply
adopting the UAX14 pairs table, I don't want to normatively require
its implementation.

As Koji says, adopting UAX14 wholesale would require a very detailed
review of UAX14, its compatibility with dumb line-breaking algorithms
like a pairs table without prioritization, and Web-compatibility. And
that is not a task we'd like to tackle right now.


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