Re: [encoding] Last Call Comment: Chances of deployment

On 2014/07/02 20:51, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 1:14 PM, "Martin J. Dürst"
> <> wrote:
>> I wonder whether the WG has considered the chances of deployment in
>> particular for the actual encoding conversion definitions.
> I'm not sure about the WG, but I have. I prefer not to write fictional
> standards. It's not clear what the comment here is.

Well, one part of the comment is that I'm explicitly asking the WG, 
because the WG, and later the W3C as a whole has to be able to stand 
behind this specification.

As with respect to the actual content, I notice that during the time of 
its existence, because of the fact that development of Opera >=12 
(Presto) got discontinued, and because, as far as I'm aware, no other 
browser version changed their code tables, the amount of compliance 
actually decreased.

Now such a decrease may be just a short-term thing, or it may be not. 
When do you think that browser makers such as Microsoft, Google, 
Mozilla, Apple, Opera and others will change their implementations?

Regards,   Martin.

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