Re: [css-variables][I18N-ISSUE-352] normalization and matching of custom property names

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> This issue is a personal comment, as the I18N WG has not had an opportunity to consider it yet.
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> Section 2 says in part:
> <quote>
> Unlike other CSS properties, custom property names are case-sensitive.
> EXAMPLE. While both --foo and --FOO are valid, they are distinct properties - using var(--foo) will refer to the first one, while using var(--FOO) will refer to the second.
> </quote>
> Case sensitivity is not the only variation that can apply to text. While citing the case sensitivity is useful, should mention be made of other variations, such as Unicode Normalization? I believe that the actual restriction is that the text must be identical.

The reason I called that one out specifically is because normal CSS
properties are ASCII case-insensitive.  The behavior of custom
properties is identical to normal properties wrt normalization.  You
can observe this with some forms of normalization, as we don't
canonicalize any of the ASCII-equivalent codepoints to ASCII.  Of
course, talking just of NFC vs NFD vs nothing, you can't tell the
difference, since normal properties don't have any relevant


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