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Hello Richard, others,

On 2014/06/06 00:52, Richard Ishida wrote:

> Internationalization Working Group Teleconference
> 05 Jun 2014

> Encoding
>     addison: we did publish and announce to chairs@
>     richard: if anyone feels like wrigting some tests

Well, as I think I have told you earlier, I already wrote some tests. 
They should cover all single-byte encodings. I wrote the generator for 
these myself, so I'm fairly confident, and I also got Tobie's advice on 
these, but of course some more pairs of eyes are always appreciated.

I also had a student who worked on tests for multibyte encodings as part 
of his bachelor thesis. I'd have to do some cleanup work on these. One 
of the problems for multibyte encodings is that it's not straightforward 
to work out all the error cases. For single byte encodings, it's okay to 
test each single byte, but for multibyte encodings, there are all kinds 
of dependencies.

>     ... this is your big chance
>     ... looked at some tests we have already
>     ... focus on recognizing encoding correctly

That's not what I'm doing in our tests. I'm putting the same encoding 
information in as many places as possible to make sure it gets 
recognized correctly.

>     ... and the characters in each encoding

That's what I'm testing.

>     ... need to tests the api parts
>     ... some tests not completely accurate
>     ... think about format of tests
>     ... single byte all in a single test

I discussed this with Tobie. The format we currently have is one file 
for each singlebyte encoding, which each byte value a separate test item.

One thing that wasn't clear when I discussed this last with Tobie was 
how to set http headers in the test suite. There were some discussions 
with strong arguments for various ways to proceed. Later I tried to 
contact Tobie again 
but never heard back. Tracing this now, I found out that Tobie replied, 
but only to a mailing list to which I wasn't subscribed 

If what's described in the followup to the above mails is still state of 
the art, I should be able to create the necessary files (.asis or 
.headers) quickly. But it would be good to get pointers to a description 
of the format of .headers files and to a description of the overall 
setup. For people involved in day-to-day testing, a lot of stuff seems 
quite simple and obvious, but for people coming from the outside, there 
are a lot of questions. Having somebody on the testing side as a point 
of contact would be great (I have cc'ed Tobie, Robin, and James).

Regards,   Martin.

>     ... some pass, some fail
>     ... need to separate
>     ... put into standard format for html test suite
>     ... and generate results too!
>     ... need to talk to people about this
>     ... robin berjon would be happy to help us start
>     ... he'll be back in a week or so
>     ... in the meantime... please to read and comment
>     ... need to respond to all comments, including dispostion
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>     tracking stuff to tracker for encoding last call purposes
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>     tracking stuff to tracker for encoding last call purposes [on
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