Re: New FAQ Article for review [I18N-ACTION-260]

The HTML5 spec is linked to late in the article with the link title 
“lists attributes”. It could (should?) be linked to earlier. Make 
“introduced in HTML5” in the short answer a link as well. Maybe also 
“example in the HTML5 spec” (about the Bee Game).

<sup>1</sup> causes larger line spacing for that particular line, 
destroying the vertical rhythm. Don’t use sup mark-up, use ¹ or some 
other character like * instead.

In “Metadata for the Multilingual Web - Usage Scenarios and 
Implementations”, use a dash, not a hyphen. I know there’s a hyphen in 
that article – it should be changed there as well. Christian, are you 
reading here?


Received on Saturday, 28 September 2013 09:59:34 UTC