Re: [css-fonts-3] i18n-ISSUE-300: ja-jp too verbose

Norbert Lindenberg wrote:

>>> And wouldn’t an example using *:lang(zh-Hant) be more appropriate
>>> than *:lang(zh-tw)?
>> But I don't agree replace zh-tw by zh-Hant, because zh-Hant is used
>> in Hongkong and Taiwan.
>> There are some glyphs come from Cantonese just used on Hongkong's
>> context, Not all Traditional Chinese font contains those glyphs.
>> So zh-tw and zh-hk would be better for usage.
> The explanation for this example talks about "Traditional Chinese",
> and using zh-tw for traditional Chinese is obsolete. If the "Li
> Sung" font used in the example doesn't include the Hong Kong
> characters, you might use zh-Hant-TW (or, if compatibility with RFC
> 3066 is required, zh-TW), and describe that as "traditional Chinese
> as used in Taiwan".

I've tweaked the example to use zh-Hant-TW and use the suggested description.



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