Re: [css-fonts-3] i18n-ISSUE-287: Figure 4 - combining diacritics

Richard Ishida wrote:

> Typography Background
> Figure 4 & "The use of combining diacritic marks creates many variations 
> for an underlying letterform"
> Not sure what is the intent of fig 4. If it's to show how a font has to 
> cater for variation in placement and shape of glyphs, it might be better 
> to use examples of tone marks in Thai and medial consonants in Burmese, 
> etc. I can supply examples if needed.
> This would also introduce the idea of complex scripts, which I thought 
> was lacking in this section.

It's simply there to illustrate that basic letterforms are often
combined with diacritics.  I do think it would be interesting to go
into this in a little more depth and add examples for complex scripts
but, given the late date and the informative nature of this section, I
think this should wait until the next level.  Any examples and/or
illustrations you can provide in that regard would be most appreciated.


John Daggett

Received on Friday, 13 September 2013 01:08:25 UTC