[css-fonts-3] sans-serif and cursive usage in Chinese

3.1.1. Generic font families

It's an issue with ebook font usage. in serif : 

"...such as Mincho (Japanese), Sung, Song or Kai (Chinese)..."

Usually in Traditional Chinese books, Kai is as handwriting font used on citation, quotation and narration. They appear with serif font such as Ming(=Japanese Mincho), song. If we see Kai as a serif font. In ebook authoring, so have to embedded a font or subsetting for that.

My proposal is arrange Kai as cursive font. That will be great help for ebook layout.

attach a sample picture here:
And a font name compare chart between countries/areas

    Serif    Serif(italic)    Sans-serif   Cursive
Taiwan/HK  明體(Ming)  仿宋體(Imitation Song) 黑體(Hei)   楷體(Kai)
China   宋體(Song)  ---      黑體(Hei)   楷體(Kai)
Japan   明朝体(Mincho) 宋朝体(soucho)   ゴジック(gothic)  ---

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