Reminder: Internationalization Reviews of W3C documents [I18N-ACTION-216]


The Internationalization WG regularly reviews specifications and other documents produced by the W3C or other standards bodies. Members of the Internationalization Interest Group (if you are reading this, *this means you*) are invited to contribute comments or reviews of document. Your help and participation in reviewing documents of interest to you helps the internationalization community give good feedback and improves the Web for everyone.

The current list of documents available/needing review is located here:

Note that this page contains instructions for how to review documents and submit comments. Please read the instructions.

New this month on our RADAR are:

- CSS3 Fonts
- URNbis
- Linked Data Platform 1.0
- CSS3 Cascading Inheritance

Addison Phillips
Globalization Architect (Amazon Lab126)
Chair (W3C I18N WG)

Internationalization is not a feature.
It is an architecture.

Received on Friday, 16 August 2013 18:04:27 UTC