Re: [css3-writing-modes] i18n-ISSUE-277: text-combine-horizontal:all, the element and any descendants

Richard Ishida wrote:

> Glyph composition, all
> "If the content contains any element boundaries this is treated as 
> ‘text-combine-horizontal: none’ on the element and any descendants."
> Which element, the one to which the style was applied, or the contained 
> element(s)?

This is what is currently marked as "Issue 4" in the spec.  The 'all'
value really needs to only be applied to the root-most element when
there are nested elements that have a non-default value for
'text-combine-horizontal'.  The 'digits' value needs to work on
selected ranges within subelements.

Since tatechuyoko usage is limited to typically 2-3 character spans, I
think we should solve this within the definition of the property values
rather than add additional properties, as was proposed in [1].


John Daggett


Received on Monday, 5 August 2013 04:22:55 UTC