Re: Proposal: Locale Preferences API

On Friday, July 26, 2013 at 10:51 PM, Andrew Cunningham wrote:

> I think the first question is do you mean a localisation or do you mean a locale?
> I think there is a need to express a locale but I don't think from the description of your text you actually mean a locale.
> BCP47 can be used to identify locals, but CLDR introduced an extension to BCP47 to be able appropriate identification of a locale:
> The HTTP header is about languages, not locales, there isn't enough data to clearly identify a locale.
> In theory change in locale doesn't just affect language, it should change date, time, number representations, it sorry change how data is sorted, it should change any ordered lists ... it should kick in a whole set of changes on content, not just language.

Yeah, seems I was talking more about languages - as I mentioned in another email, most of the above is handled by the ECMAScript Internationalization API.  

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