Re: Testing UTF-8 email addresses

Thanks for replies to e-mail dumb me.

John C Klensin, Wed, 29 May 2013 11:23:03 -0400:
> Because the syntax rules in RFC 5321 (and 821 and 2821) very
> explicitly prohibit non-ASCII characters in an email address
> ("mailbox name") you will find that many mail clients reject
> such things.  Of course, if the client sees non-ASCII characters
> in the domain part of the address and converts the appropriate
> labels to A-Labels as specified for IDNA before transmitting the
> message, the inter-host email system (and the recipient) don't
> need to know what you entered.   But non-ASCII local parts or
> transmission of messages with non-ASCII UTF-8 addresses or
> headers requires the extensions specified in the RFCs identified
> above.

The e-mail client with which I send this message, allows me to set up 
e-mail accounts without entering IDNs as punycode. As such, it is one 
of the best clients I have tried …

When I spoke about online services, I meant Web forms where one has to 
enter one’s e-mail address. But I now remember that I spoke too 
positive about my experience: It has actually happened more than once 
that I could not register, not even when I used the punicoded shape of 
the address - the Web form would tell me that my address is not a valid 
e-mail address. I had to pick another address before it would work. 
This has little to do with RFCs, I believe, but more with dumb Web 
forms. Nevertheless, it is probably a thing that e-mail providers will 
be bothered with from their customers.
leif halvard silli

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