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I18N-ISSUE-29: ruby code samples [HTML5]

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Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 15:03:22 +0000
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I18N-ISSUE-29: ruby code samples [HTML5]


Raised by: Richard Ishida
On product: HTML5

4.6.18 The ruby element

WG approved: Yes

Comment:The code samples in the ruby section are misleading because they show
white-space between the components that should not be there. 




 &#28450; <rt> &#12363;&#12435; </rt>

 &#23383; <rt> &#12376; </rt>



Please either show the examples as the code should look, eg.




or add a note to say that the extra white space is there to show the structure
clearly, but should not be copied.

Similar comments apply to the examples in the rp section that follows.

Please add comments to bugzilla:

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