Re: [css3-lists] Remaining feedback on the module

On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 2:27 AM, "Martin J. Dürst"
<> wrote:
> What Gunnar says is consistent with all of what I have seen in Switzerland.
> There are some old-style indices that have separate entries for Ch, Sch, and
> maybe Sp and St, but these are head items in indices, not parts of a
> numbering system.
> There is only one correction I'd want to make, to what Tab wrote:
> List numbering in German, for example, is strictly speaking not done using
> the base English alphabet, but using the base German alphabet (which happens
> to coincide with the base English one). It just happens that letters such as
> ä, ö, ü, and ß, although essential for writing German, are not part of the
> (basic) German alphabet.

Thanks, Martin and Gunnar.  Based on this, and Hakon's previous
feedback, I'll stick with a single english-alphabet script in the
default stylesheet.  If any specific ones are pointed out to me as
being needed, I'll add them; otherwise, authors can define their own
with @counter-style when desired.


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