Re: [css3-ruby] [css3-text] Position values and before/after definitions in LR vertical writing mode

On 09/27/2010 06:11 AM, Richard Ishida wrote:
> My first instinct is to question whether there is an issue here. Is it a
> problem that ruby text labelled 'before' will appear to the left of vertical
> mongolian text?

Yes. Because it's not just about Mongolian text, but about Chinese text
in a Mongolian document (which is not that uncommon). Or other scripts
in a Mongolian document. Those languages should be able to set their
positions in a way that works for horizontal as well as both vertical

> Before and after refer to the position relative to the
> block progression, in my mind. It's not about top of line coincidence.

Exactly. That's exactly the problem. The ruby-position property should
use values that are based on top-of-line coincidence, not block progression
before-edge coincidence.

> I think that above and below are confusing, since they suggest physical
> locations that are not appropriate for vertical text.

Yeah, I've switched to "over" and "under" which at least is consistent with
text-decoration: underline overline.

> (Note that the CSS Ruby module says " vertical-ideographic layout mode, the
> ruby appears on the right side of the base" - mongolian isn't ideographic.
> That could certainly be made clearer with a note.)

The position of ruby, underlines, emphasis dots, and anything else should
not be dependent on the UA doing script detection. It should be set with
a style sheet rule.


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