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Re: [css3-ruby] [css3-text] Position values and before/after definitions in LR vertical writing mode

From: KangHao Lu (Kenny) <kennyluck@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 01:33:03 +0900
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On 2010/09/27, at 22:11, Richard Ishida wrote:

> My first instinct is to question whether there is an issue here. Is  
> it a
> problem that ruby text labelled 'before' will appear to the left of  
> vertical
> mongolian text?

I assume that when you want to use ruby for Mongolian (such as  
annotating a Mongolian word with English to express its meaning), you  
really want the put the English on top of Mongolian glyphs, for which  
"right/after" is it's orientation. And the problem is that now in css3- 
ruby "before" is the initial value for "ruby-position", so you have to  
adjust the style sheet to achieve this effect.

This is all based on assumption. It will be nice to have some samples  
of Mongolian with ruby (if exist) and some samples of Mongolian with  

> Before and after refer to the position relative to the
> block progression, in my mind. It's not about top of line coincidence.
> I think that above and below are confusing, since they suggest  
> physical
> locations that are not appropriate for vertical text.

I do think this is confusing as well. It only makes sense if you  
imagine some English words embedded in vertical writing and then you  
figure out the "above" side is the "right" side. "over" and "under"  
are maybe better. The question is, does this orientation depend on  
"text-underline-position"? I have the feeling that this will make  
things even more confusing.

Can we actually make the initial value for "ruby-position" "auto"? So  
it will default to "before" for Japanese, "right" for zh-TW, and  
"after" for Mongolian. I think this is similar to how "text-underline- 
position" is defined.

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