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We discussed this in the i18n telecon.  We changed tag to element in the page title and question, and I changed in one or two other places, but we felt this was sufficient for this article.  In places where we use the word tag now, we actually mean the tag. There may be a couple of places where you could equally well have used element, but we don't expect any confusion to arise from that.


Richard Ishida
Internationalization Lead
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

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> Hi Richard,
> you’re saying “<b> and <i> tags” while actually talking about b and i
> _elements_.
> HTML 4.01 spec, section 3.2.1 says: “*Elements are not tags.* Some
> people refer to elements as tags (e.g., "the P tag"). Remember that the
> element is one thing, and the tag (be it start or end tag) is another.”
> []
> See also
> [
> ributes/],
> [],
> [].
> I know that some people treat tags and elements as synonyms, but
> articles like yours shold not support inaccurate usage of these terms.
> IMHO the distinction between tags and elements is not less important
> than the distinction between character encoding and character set.
> Inaccurate of the terms leads to confusion.
> I propose to replace any occurrence of “tag” with “element”.
> Regards,
> Gunnar
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