Re: Updated tests: HTML and CSS and text direction

Hi Richard,

Thanks a lot for compiling this large set of tests and test results
with various browsers.

2009/7/29 Richard Ishida <>:

> The tests and results are linked from here:

Just a minor issue that caught my eyes and led me to scratch my head a bit:

and other tests for character encoding declarations have the following

   The text contains the following sequence of bytes: 0xE1 0xA4 0xA8 0xB8 0xDA.

However, the actual byte sequence in the file is "0xC3 0xBD 0xC3 0xA4
0xC3 0xA8" , which matches the png image included (what the sequence
would look like if it's interpreted as ISO-8859-15).

Once again, thank you,


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