Re: Testing IRI fragment identifiers

* Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
>*In my te**sting, all current mayor brow**ser**s, except Opera, 
>**support **IRI fragment ientifier**s in link**s**.

I am not really sure what that means, usually fragments are identified
by a sequence of characters, while fragment identifiers represent some
sequence of octets. To go from octets to characters you need character
encodings, and to match two character sequences you need a definition
of equality. Now the interpretation of fragment identifiers is subject
to the media type, and in case of text/html you'll find that RFC 2854
defines neither of the two necessary parts. Also note it's disallowed
to put non-ASCII characters into text/html href/src/etc. attributes.

Nevertheless, you may find my test cases and findings in

of interest; they should illustrate why these definitions are needed.
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