Re: [CSS3 Text] Vertical mode of writing

John Cowan wrote:
> fantasai scripsit:
> [new sub-topic of vertical text]
> I read your UTN 22 with great interest and appreciation.  It seems to me,
> though, that Ogham is not really a vertical script in the sense of the
> UTN, but rather a horizontal script that is often written vertically.
> Monumental Ogham on a single stone is always written btt, it's true.
> But when inscribed on an arch, it goes btt up the left side of the arch,
> ltr across the top (same as manuscript Ogham) and then ttb down the
> right side of the arch -- exactly what a Latin inscription would do.
> Therefore, if there were Chinese embedded in the Ogham, it would need
> to use the bidi algorithm on the left side to combine btt Ogham with
> ttb Chinese, but on the right side there would be no bidi; both the
> Ogham and the Chinese are ttb.

According to Archaic Scripts chapter of the Unicode standard:

   "Ogham should therefore be rendered on computers from left to right
    or from bottom to top (never starting from top to bottom)."


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