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I read your UTN 22 with great interest and appreciation.  It seems to me,
though, that Ogham is not really a vertical script in the sense of the
UTN, but rather a horizontal script that is often written vertically.

Monumental Ogham on a single stone is always written btt, it's true.
But when inscribed on an arch, it goes btt up the left side of the arch,
ltr across the top (same as manuscript Ogham) and then ttb down the
right side of the arch -- exactly what a Latin inscription would do.
Therefore, if there were Chinese embedded in the Ogham, it would need
to use the bidi algorithm on the left side to combine btt Ogham with
ttb Chinese, but on the right side there would be no bidi; both the
Ogham and the Chinese are ttb.

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