Informal Poll re: use of Unicode


I recently conducted an live informal poll designed to get
the answer to the questions below about how people use the
Unicode Standard. I thought it might be interesting to poll
a few lists as well to broaden the sample, and specifically
include at least one list of people who are not necessarily
contributors to the Unicode Standard. I have already sent
this to one other large list, so my apologies if you are
seeing this a second time.

If you are interested in contributing an answer, send me your
reply *without copying the list* - you wouldn't want to
influence anybody else ;-) For the same reason, it would be
nice if you could refrain from sending comments about the
poll to the list until after it's completed.

I'll compile any answers I get within the next 60 hours and
post whatever results I can glean, compounded with my other
poll results by, say, end of week.

I will also forward the results to the Unicode Consortium's
Editorial Committee, who, I am sure, would be keenly
interested in the results.


a) if you need to look up something in the Unicode Standard
do you primarily
    use the book or the online files?

b) do you have access to a hard copy (book edition) of the
Unicode Standard?

c) who owns it (yourself, co-worker, departmental copy,
library (checked out, on-site copy))?

d) what version of the standard?

e)  what would you find a compelling reason to get the latest
hardcopy edition?
     (including a future 5.0 edition, if you are already using 4.0).

The following question can be answered yes/no or often/rarely/never

f) do you use the online code charts?

g) do you use the online PDF files for the text?

h) do you use the online Unicode character database?

i) do you use the online UAXs, UTSs, or UTRs? Which ones?

j) if you have access to the book, did you ever use the CD-ROM?

k) any comments, thoughts or observations concerning this
poll, the standard, or whatever.

please reply to or [END]

Received on Wednesday, 5 October 2005 17:17:07 UTC