Re: Editor for HTML, UTF-8 and Arabic

I use Mozilla 1.* ( 
<>) for authoring/editing 
Arabic HTML with utf-8. Mozilla composer can read and save in most 
Well Mozilla is yet perfectible, but it fulfill many jobs. HTML files I 
use to edit are in fact Arabic + Latin. Some of my requirements would be:
- Option to edit in HTML mode *both* in visual or logical (memory) 
ordering. The latter is necessary for some "fine tunings".
- Ability to retrieve the chain of cascading styles that apply to a text 
at a given place.
- Select a text and apply a <span> to it with some desired attributes.

There are also situations (e.g. telnet to a web server from MacOS X) 
where I simply edit Arabic-utf8 files with emacs. But not to do too much 

Hope that helps.

Najib Tounsi

Jasper Michalczik wrote:

> Dear members of www-international,
> I’m looking for an editor that allows me to edit and save HTML-Files 
> with UTF-8 encoding and displays Arabic script correctly. I tried 
> XML-Spy, but in order to let it recognize Files as UTF-8 you have to 
> put an xml-declaration at the beginning.
> I’m looking for some editor of the kind of ancient “HomeSite”.
> Thank you very much,
> Jasper Michalczik

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