Chris Lilley wrote:

>On Monday, February 21, 2005, 12:53:49 PM, Najib wrote:
>NT> Moreover, domain names are meant to be meaningful and suggestive. 
>NT> ""  intuitively means for me (a professional 
>NT> deformation?) "". Thats is labels in IDN should remain
>NT> displayed as usual in LTR.  (Which is a contradiction coming from a RTL
>NT> language speaker ;-) ).
>You mean, you want to force Hebrew and Arabic companies to register
>their names backwards in the DNS, so that they appear in a readable
>order when displayed LTR (which would require an overide of the normal
>directionality for those Unicode characters)?
I just expressed an impression let by the digits in the example above.

Indeed, the consequence is that
"" is to  display
"" (actually displayed "")
"" is to display
"  (actually displayed "www.FED1.2CBA" (in stead of 

Why not? Aren't there already restrictions on bidi IDN?

>Isn't the whole point that they just use their normal company names, as
>regular text, and they display the same as normal, like regular text?
I don't know what companies exactly want. I think if my cie name was 
'ABD DEF', I'd likely be led to register it as "ABC-DEF" (and not 
"ABD.DEF"). And then  type "" to see 
Note that I am already forced to type "http://" (though it's not the 
same problem).


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