Re: New Tutorial: Character sets & encodings in XHTML, HTML and CSS

A few comments.  Sorry that they are mostly nitpickings.

1) Section "Character escapes" mentions 好 as the escape for the 
Hebrew letter Alef.  I don't know how this value was obtained, U+597D is 
not a defined Unicode character.  The right escape IMHO should be &#x05D0.

2) In section "Consider using a Unicode encoding", instead of 
"Unicode encodings support many languages with a single encoding across 
all pages and forms, regardless of language."
I suggest
"All Unicode encodings support many languages and can accomodate all kinds 
of pages and forms containing any mixture of those languages."

3) In section "When to do this" following mention of the IANA registry, 
add "are" after "there" in "there no disadvantages".

4) In section "Precedence rules", add "is" after "it" in "since it 

5) In the title "entities and numeric charater references (ncrs)", the 
acronym should  be spelled "NCRs", to be coherent with further 
occurrences, and to distinguish the plural "s" from the acronym itself.

6) In the next paragraph, "are way" should be "are ways".

7) The example for CSS escape is *not* terminated by a space, despite 
stating in the previous line that it should be.

8) In section "When to use escapes", the sentence "For example, to 
represent Chinese characters in an ISO Latin 1 document." is not a 
complete sentence, and should be an added clause to the previous sentence 
(separated by comma).

9) In the table contained in section "Other Unicode characters are OK", 
LRM and RLM are commented as "Deprecated in Unicode".  I am very 
surprised.  What is the basis for such a statement?

10) In section "Compatibility characters vary in appropriateness, add a 
comma before "in some other cases it denotes a property".

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New Tutorial: Character sets & encodings in XHTML, HTML and CSS

The GEO task force has published its first tutorial:

                 Character sets & encodings in XHTML, HTML and CSS


This tutorial has been worked on for quite some time by the GEO Task Force 
of the W3C Internationalization Working Group, and it is thought to be 
ready for publication. For an undetermined initial period we will leave 
the status as Draft to indicate that we invite feedback on the document.

You can find links to internationalization specifications, FAQs, articles, 
tools, tests, and soon tutorials at

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