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> I didn't see a status of this document or where to send feedback, so I am
sending it here.

RI: Try the section entitled "Document status and use" at the end of the
introduction. ;-)

> The section on doctype switching between quirks mode and standards mode
should indicate which doctypes provide which result (quirks or
standards) for which browsers (platform and version). There is some
agreement here, but for example some browsers tresat XHTML 1.0 transitional
as quirks mode while others treat it as standards mode. The current text
seems to indicate that any DOCTYPE is always sufficient to switch on
standards mode.

RI: Note the intended vagueness in "A file with an appropriate DOCTYPE
declaration should normally be rendered in standards mode by recent versions
of most browsers."

> A little more detail on what browsers were tested and what the results
were would be helpful.

RI: Since this tutorial is about character encodings, I didn't want to get
into great about this topic here - just point out that the presence of
DOCTYPES can affect the results. What I should do (and actually intended to
do but omitted it) is point to the further reading in the article "Serving
XHTML 1.0"[1], which provides links that address your question.

RI: One other thing I could mention is the need for a *full* DOCTYPE.



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