Re: New test page: list-style-type

Hello Richard, everyone,

2003-11-19T03:41:30Z Richard Ishida <> wrote:

> I have put together a rudimentary test page to check browser
> capabilities relating to list-style-type in CSS2.

> Only Mozilla/Netscape (well I guess gecko based browsers) displays these
> as far as I know - which means that they are likely to be dropped in
> CSS2.1.

I don't think you should drop them. My IE5.5/Win displays just the
'-latin' values, the others are being numbered with 'decimal'. On the
other hand, my Opera6.01/Win displays everything except for
the '-latin' ones. If you however change the '-latin' to '-alpha' Opera
displays everything according to the spec.

> If anyone knows of another implementation, or anyone who could
> implement this in the near term, please let us know.

> See

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