Re: New test page: list-style-type

On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, Richard Ishida wrote:

> I have put together a rudimentary test page to check browser
> capabilities relating to list-style-type in CSS2.


> Only Mozilla/Netscape (well I guess gecko based browsers) displays these
> as far as I know - which means that they are likely to be dropped in
> CSS2.1.  If anyone knows of another implementation, or anyone who could
> implement this in the near term, please let us know.
> See

 w3m-m17n does support them all. It's an excellent multilingual /
multi-encoding text(terminal-based) browser. Try it in any UTF-8 terminal
(emulator) (putty on Windows, xterm-16x, mlterm on Unix/X11). When run
inside an mlterm/xterm, it can display images (yes, images). See, for
more details,


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